Tours offered by Haus Alba

Walking / Climbing Guided Tours

Whether you would like to walk, climb or scramble,  just let me know your  preferences and I will work out a plan tailored to you. 

The  daily base rate is £100.00 per group - but can vary. Climbing,  abseiling or scrambling on a one to one bases would be £50.00 per  person.



The following Tours are available/bookable through Haus Alba.

Just sit back in a Landrover and enjoy. I will take care of everything (please call or email for details and costs)

Whisky and Landmark Tours

  • 2 Whisky Distilleries of your choice on the Whisky Trail - Speyside Cooperage and a Historical Landmark 
  • Culloden Battlefield - Clava Cairns and Fort George 
  • Loch Ness - Boat Trip to Urquart Castle - Tomatin Distillery en route 

Looking forward to show you my world. 

Yours aye David